How to Create Brand Advocates Fast

Adam DinceWe are excited to announce our guest speaker for the October 23rd Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota. Adam Dince, Director of Earned Media at Deluxe Corporation, will be presenting on “How to Create Brand Advocates Fast.” Anyone who’s heard Adam speak has come away with plenty to share and implement, as he offers lots of advise from years of experience.

Adam feels that “sometimes, we marketers tend to over-complicate things. If you go to any inbound or social media conference, you’re likely to sit in on a session about the importance of building brand advocates. You’ll hear things like:  Build a community, Share great content, Make your audience the hero of your story, Etc.., yada, yada, yada.”

There’s a faster way to build brand advocates quickly. Solve people’s problems with your product or service, and they’ll do whatever you want them to. Attend to hear Adam’s advise on how to accomplish this, as well as great stories and advice.

As the Director of Earned Media for Deluxe Corporation, Adam manages a team of enterprise SEO, social media and content strategists. Prior to Deluxe, Adam was VP, Director of Search and Content Strategy at MRM McCann, the full-service digital agency leg of McCann WorldGroup. In this role he built regional centers of excellence, managed global search teams and strategies across some of the world’s largest brands. Adam has over thirteen years of internet marketing experience spanning across SEO, content strategy, Web hosting, domain strategies, Web development, social media marketing and optimization, web analytics, and holistic digital marketing strategy. Adam is an avid blogger about all things digital marketing. He is a highly sought after speaker and blogger. Find Adam’s personal blog & follow him on Twitter @adamdince.

Attending the Social Media Breakfast is FREE, but pre-registration is required. Please arrive at the Crow River Winery by 7:30am on Thursday, October 23, 2014, and expect to wrap up by 9:00am.