Changing Your Mindset from Hopeful to Hired

Adam Dince Hopeful to HiredAt the next Social Media Breakfast Central MN on Thursday, March, 23, author Adam Dince will share his insight into finding employment and candidates in today’s job market. Adam will help change the mindset of simply being hopeful, to hired! The secret lies in using college years as an opportunity to build professional networks, improve soft-skills, and create an effective online personal brand, so that students can hit the ground running after graduation. The opportunities for employers are to understand how candidates are preparing to fill your positions, where to find them, and how to effectively reach out and groom relationships that can later be mutually beneficial. In this interactive talk, based on Adam’s book, “Hopeful to Hired”, you will learn why college students need to change their mindset from hopeful to hired, tips on how to develop and optimize professional soft skills while in college (something employers need to see in a great candidate), how to start building an effective professional network while in college, and tips on building a meaningful professional online presence.

Who should attend?

  • Students looking to be proactive in finding a position in their field after graduation
  • Businesses and organizations looking to fill positions with qualified candidates
  • Parents and educators looking to help guide students toward decisions that will help them get hired

Bio: Adam Dince is an author and digital marketing professional located in the Twin Cities. In addition, he is a college instructor and guest lecturer at various universities. For the past four years, Adam has been a featured speaker at AdFed’s annual Student Ad Summit (SAS) and a variety of other collegiate and industry events. Each year, Adam mentors college students in his community as a way to give back to others.

As always, everyone is invited to attend and there is no cost. Pre-registration is required, so we have enough seats, materials, and breakfast available for attendees. Please arrive no later than 7:30am at the Crow River Winery. The SMB will conclude by 9am. Adam has another speaking engagement on Thursday morning in Hutchinson, but will have a brief time available after the SMB to sign books, which he will have with him.

The SMBCMN is free thanks to the generous support from our sponsors, Southwest Initiative Foundation, MVTV Wireless, and Vivid Image, Inc.

10 Things Facebook Page Admins Tragically Are Not Doing

beth-gasserThe next Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on Thursday, February 23, 2017 will focus on getting more out of your Facebook page, when Beth Gasser of Vivid Image talks about at least ten things she sees Facebook administrators failing to do each day. When you put time, money, and resources toward your marketing efforts, it’s important they work toward your advantage in every way possible. Find out how you can increase page likes, increase reach, and cater to the Facebook algorithm for better results, while insuring what you are doing is ethical and follows Facebook guidelines.

By going through a very specific list of 10 things you can do on your Facebook page, you’ll leave with a renewed enthusiasm for Facebook marketing.

You’ll have a better understand of:

  • Growing your Facebook reach and audience
  • Making your page more appealing and easier for people to use
  • Reducing confusion so people are more apt to like your page
  • Using Facebook to boost your results in Google (there’s a simple trick you need to know)

Beth Gasser is Vice-President of Vivid Image, Inc. and a Social Media Consultant for small businesses and organizations in Minnesota. She works in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress helping clients connect and engage with current and potential customers. She frequently teaches and public speaks on topics related to social media and online marketing.

Get Registered Now! All Social Media Breakfasts in Central Minnesota are free, but pre-registration is required. Sign up now, and we’ll see you on Thursday, February 23rd at 7:30 am at the Crow River Winery on Hwy 7 East of Hutchinson!

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Review Now: Ryan Pena’s January ’17 SMB Presentation

IMG_6965Click below for Ryan Pena’s B2B Case Study Optimizing Social Media Channels from the Social Media Breakfast Central MN on Thursday, January 26, 2017.

Thanks again, Ryan for an outstanding presentation this morning!

B2B Case Study Optimizing Social Media Channels

B2B Case Study: Optimizing Social Media Channels via Content

IMG_6965Ryan Pena is our speaker on Thursday, January 26th! By now, most of us have heard it, “Content is KING!”. That’s great, but what steps should we take to not only put content out there but actually drive leads and site traffic back to the organization? Take the journey with Ryan as he shares the struggle, push-back, budget restrictions, and testing his team went through, which ultimately led to going from 48 social media leads in 2015 to nearly 1,000 social media leads in 2016!

Expect to leave understanding:

  • How to craft a content strategy centered around a default CTA
  • Hacks to leverage free blogging sites & communities to repurpose content while driving people to CTAs leading to business results
  • How we got featured in a private LinkedIn Healthcare group by Philips, which lead to a flood of new leads
  • How to leverage video to develop a broader reach
  • Influencer marketing tactics

The Social Media Breakfast Central MN is free and open to anyone who would like to attend, learn, network, and use social media and marketing to further their work. Pre-registration is required.

Bio: Ryan Peña is a Social Media Manager and international speaker with over 6 years of experience in the field.  He’s known for implementing highly innovative social media platforms into rapidly changing environments. Key accomplishments are implementing an online community that grew to over 15,000 customers in just one year, growing leads generated from social media by over 1,500% year over year, launching employee advocacy programs, and recently launching a social media presence for a complex software solutions company.

Social Media is not only Ryan’s career but also a hobby and he truly enjoys helping people connect with each other. Recently, he was featured on several social media podcasts and speaks internationally.  If you’re looking to bring social back to social media, talk to Ryan.

A New Year and a Bunch of New Trends Coming Your Way

The topic for the special year-end SMB on Thursday, December 15th will be 2017 Marketing Trends!

2017 will bring more changes in online marketing, search engines, and social media than what we’ve seen the previous couple of years. Change is happening faster than ever and user expectations are taking a front seat. Consider this, for the first time in history, television advertising budgets will be less than budgets for digital and mobile ads.

The staff at Vivid Image; Heidi, Cory, and Steve are energized and ready to share about the changes they are seeing and the new trends coming our way this next year. This session will cover new things with Google, Facebook, Design, Mobile, Website Usability/Accessibility, Emotional Marketing, and so much more. There’s even going to be a shift in the photos used to market online. Say what? Leave the session ready to embrace the new trends in 2017 from this interactive, information-packed, casual and fun holiday SMB!

twoHeidi Arndt is an Online Marketing Specialist who focuses on local search and online reputation management.

Cory Dammann is an Account Director who works with a wide variety of businesses and industries, helping to jump start their marketing plans and make sure everything coincides with customer expectations to drive sales.

Steve Gasser loves to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by utilizing both proven methods and the newest of trends and technology.

Get registered today! As always, the Social Media Breakfast Central MN is free and open to anyone wishing to attend. Please arrive by 7:30am at the Crow River Winery.


Embrace Your Unique: Ali J Boutique

Ali J Boutique New London MNThe Team at Ali J Boutique in New London, MN will be our next featured speakers at the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on Thursday, November 17, 2016. Ali J owner, Alison used to be “The Scarf Lady” with her traveling boutique and scarf tutorials with over 750,000 YouTube views. Today she runs Ali J Boutique, on Main Street in New London and an online subscription based program called My Midlife Closet. Her team of 5 Stylists are on a mission to teach women to wear their worthiness. Their marketing toolbox is full of options to stand out from the crowd and get into closets across the nation.

Maybe you’ve seen one of Ali J Boutique’s creative ads or videos on social media? If you’re wondering how small businesses like this seem to make expressing their brand online flawless, then make sure you get registered to learn more about their unique ecommerce, digital and social media strategy.  Recently featured on Jerrid Sebesta’s program “Two Week Notice”, Ali J shares her entrepreneurial story and the reasons she went into business. At the SMB, her social media team will share the social media and marketing side of Ali J Boutique and how they have grown her devoted customer base and online followers.

As always, we ask people to pre-register for SMB, but everyone is welcome and it’s always free! NOTE: SMB in November and December are one week early due to the holidays. See you at 7:30am on Thursday, November 17th at the Crow River Winery!

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Influential Strategies for Winning Through Social Selling

Don’t miss the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on Thursday, October 27, 2016 when JoAnn Funch presents on “INvest in your connections – Influential Strategies for Winning Through Social Selling.”

Social selling is NOT about selling, rather it is about connecting and serving others in a deeper, more meaningful way.  To understand that concept it is important to view how the buying process has changed. Today’s buyers regardless if that is B2B or B2C are socially driven, they are searching online for a product or service well before contacting you. The decision you want to pay attention to is “will you be the one they buy from?”

Social selling has taken the place of a traditional cold calling strategy.  Sales cycles are often long and building long term relationships are and will continue to be game changers. Just think about it, most of your prospects are already doing research online for what they want, so your job is different, it is to build trust and credibility that you are the person or company they want to do business with.

Social Selling is the new revolution in sales and we must embrace it now, or get left behind.

In this SMB session you will cover these key objectives:

  1. Why adopting a social selling strategy matters
  2. LinkedIn has now become about relationships and engagement
  3. Social selling is about investigative research
  4. Engagement – why, where and how to be more effective and involved
  5. How content creation builds your credibility
  6. Staying top of mind with targeted messages
  7. Developing a serving mentality

New PictureJoin digital marketing specialist and LinkedIn expert JoAnne Funch as she teaches us how LinkedIn can build your individual credibility, manage your reputation and fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships. As always, there is no cost to attend Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota and everyone is welcome to attend. Please pre-register so we have enough seats, materials, breakfast, and coffee for attendees.

JoAnne has worked with hundreds of small business clients since establishing her marketing business in 1996. She’s a marketing consultant, experienced social media trainer and online marketing strategist specializing in LinkedIn.

She has also served as the LinkedIn workshop trainer for the University of Minnesota, Business & Economic Development Department, and continues to be a sought after trainer and speaker locally and nationally.

JoAnne works with both private companies and individuals on LinkedIn profile development, corporate training, social selling strategies and more.  She stays at the forefront of this ever changing platform to ensure her clients stand out and are leveraging the latest updates.

You can learn more about her at and she welcomes any questions in advance of her presentation and should be direct to her email:

Connect with JoAnne on LinkedIn:

What Does It Take to Hire the Next Generation?

michelle-fallingMichelle Falling will be our fall kick-off presenter on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at the Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota, sharing with us about what it takes to hire the next generation and understanding how Millennials want to work and live work. If you’re interested in how to attract top talent, what makes millennials stay at their current jobs, and what companies/organizations need to do to engage them through social media and other avenues, this session is for you!

About the Presenter: Michelle Falling is a Recruiting Manager and Career Development Specialist at Life-Science Innovations & Affiliate Companies, with many years experience hiring top candidates for a wide variety of positions.

As always, the Social Media Breakfast is free to attend and open to anyone interested in learning more about social media, online marketing, and technology to network and grow your business. Pre-registration is required. The SMB is at the Crow River Winery on September 22 starting at 7:30am and done by 9:00am. Thank you to our sponsors for making this month event possible: Vivid Image, Inc., MVTV Wireless, and Southwest Initiative Foundation.

SMB Fall Kickoff!


Beyond Social Media: A Focus on Direct Mail, Email, and Direct Selling that Works in 2016

Duane HoverstenThe Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota on Thursday, June 23, 2016 will feature Entrepreneur, Educator, and Innovator, Duane Hoversten. Duane is a dynamic speaker who will leave you energized.

This session, “Beyond Social Media: A Focus on Direct Mail, Email, and Direct Selling that Works in 2016” will cover these helpful topics:

  • How to get more traffic to your social media and websites
  • How to get to potential customers who are not on social media
  • Identifying your target market
  • How to correctly do a direct mail letter
  • How to correctly do an email campaign
  • How direct selling can help your social media traffic and web traffic

Having taught Small Business Management at Ridgewater College for twenty years, Duane assisted SMB organizers and Vivid Image owners, Steve and Beth Gasser for a number of years with invaluable business planning and marketing insight. He’s ready to give you some great ideas that you can use in your business or organization the next day!

Speaker Bio: Duane has started and owned a number of businesses.  These businesses included 3 fertilizer plants, 5 computer stores, a software company, a spice company, a consulting company, a campground and currently a storage business. All of these companies but one are still operating and having longevity of up to 40 plus years. He has been very active in his community serving on many boards, including the Chamber of Commerce, City Council, Hospital Board, Hutchinson Economic Development, and a Bank Board.  Duane taught Small Business Management for Ridgewater College in Hutchinson  for 20 years. He also has been doing consulting for the Small Business Development Center in Marshall for the last 22 years and is also working with the Small Business Development Center in Fort Myers Florida for the last 3 years. Duane has his BS Degree from Mankato State University and his MBA from Cardinal Stritch College. He’s created and given numerous seminars including “Why Small Business Fail and What you Can do About It” and “Don’t Let the Economy Crash your Business”.