A New Year and a Bunch of New Trends Coming Your Way

The topic for the special year-end SMB on Thursday, December 15th will be 2017 Marketing Trends!

2017 will bring more changes in online marketing, search engines, and social media than what we’ve seen the previous couple of years. Change is happening faster than ever and user expectations are taking a front seat. Consider this, for the first time in history, television advertising budgets will be less than budgets for digital and mobile ads.

The staff at Vivid Image; Heidi, Cory, and Steve are energized and ready to share about the changes they are seeing and the new trends coming our way this next year. This session will cover new things with Google, Facebook, Design, Mobile, Website Usability/Accessibility, Emotional Marketing, and so much more. There’s even going to be a shift in the photos used to market online. Say what? Leave the session ready to embrace the new trends in 2017 from this interactive, information-packed, casual and fun holiday SMB!

twoHeidi Arndt is an Online Marketing Specialist who focuses on local search and online reputation management.

Cory Dammann is an Account Director who works with a wide variety of businesses and industries, helping to jump start their marketing plans and make sure everything coincides with customer expectations to drive sales.

Steve Gasser loves to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by utilizing both proven methods and the newest of trends and technology.

Get registered today! As always, the Social Media Breakfast Central MN is free and open to anyone wishing to attend. Please arrive by 7:30am at the Crow River Winery.


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