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Get Excited All Over Again to Share Your Story

Every person, company and organization has a unique story to tell about their company, products, and/or services. Every organization has something that makes them a little different. New businesses and organizations are excited to tell their story, but as time goes on its human (and business) … [Read More...]

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30 Day Challenge

What can you do in 15 minutes a day for 30 days? The Social Media Breakfast on Thursday, April 23, 2015 will be dedicated to putting action behind the … [Read More...]

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Resiliency: Strategies to Respond to Life’s Challenges

Stress? Who has stress? The March Social Media Breakfast will be just what you need to say "good bye" to Winter and "Hello" to Spring! Our March … [Read More...]

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Redefine Your Audience & Marketing Strategy with Free Facebook Tools

Learn how to leverage free Facebook tools to get actionable and user friendly insights about your current customers and other important audiences you … [Read More...]


Creating a Marketing Strategy That Works

So many times a marketing strategy is something that grows over the course of time, adding to it as ideas occur. A marketing strategy is usually a … [Read More...]

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Cut Through the Noise: The Top Social Priorities for 2015

There is plenty of data available showcasing national averages for the social networks people are on and when. But what does that really mean for your … [Read More...]

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Twitter: Basics to Advanced in One Hour

Love it or leave it... Twitter is a social media platform most people either love and use all the time, or leave it alone completely. While not for … [Read More...]

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How to Create Brand Advocates Fast

We are excited to announce our guest speaker for the October 23rd Social Media Breakfast Central Minnesota. Adam Dince, Director of Earned Media at … [Read More...]